Shiver - Evergreen (LP)

Shiver - Evergreen (LP)

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The conviction in Chris Babbit's voice reaches almost spiritual heights, starting with a bell-like cry and exhausting the ends of phrases with brave tension. His outfit, Shiver, doesn't ascribe to a specific creed, however, and the tracks fleshing out Evergreen, the Salem, MA band's proper debut, only have outstretched palms in their arrangements. Each song is pushed to its limit - guitars travel past tricklings, like they begin on "Not for Long, Love," before melding in effortlessly with the keyboards that cascade over them.

The boundaries of a young band's perceptions are also tested, with themes of love and nature's redemptive isolation petering throughout these lush, grandiose structures. For an inaugural sermon, Evergreen delivers a journey that is as harrowing as it is humbling, with its messages accessible and deep-seated long after the songs have stopped.

1. Creek
2. Stay
3. Eve
4. Lost & Found
5. Not For Long, Love
6. Dead Air
7. Mood
8. Fox Run
9. Good Morning
10. Peak
11. Cove

1st Press:
White w/ Green Swirl / 250