Shalfi - Third Semester LP

Shalfi - Third Semester LP

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Based out of Calimesa, California, Shalfi brings an epic lofi/neo/soul influence to his guitar instrumentals. On Third Semester he captures specific vibes that prove to be the perfect soundtrack to living your life as the main character.

1. Opening Theme (The Song The Ice Cream Truck Plays When You Drop Your Ice Cream In Front of It)
2. Hero's Theme (The Song I Hear in My Head When I Think About My Friends)
3. Older Brother's Theme (Fall, Then Rise Again)
4. The Lifespan of a Rivalry5. Ending Theme

1st Press:
Black w Pink Etching /500

2nd Press:
Pink w Black Etching /500


Pink w/ Black Etching

Black w/ Pink Etching