Oldsoul - You Were Overwhelmed (LP)

Oldsoul - You Were Overwhelmed (LP)

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Oldsoul is back and bringing even more diversity and intrigue to their sound than ever before. They are all over the map on this one, expanding on the specific voice they created through their debut. whether they are upbeat, somber, or in the middle, they nail every feeling they pursue in a unique and specific way that is truly exclusive to them.

Co-release with chatterbot records. Engineered by Zach Weeks.

1. Like No Surprise
2. Time Moves
3. Language
4. July
5. *Afterthought* (Overwhelmed)
6. Left Wondering
7. Wilderness (Clothed In Mystery)
8. Wildfire
9. Black Hole
10. Not My Place
11. Every Time I See You Breaks My Heart

1st Press:
100/ Black
100/ Purple (Counter Intuitive Exclusive)