Nervous Dater - Call In The Mess (LP)

Nervous Dater - Call In The Mess (LP)

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Brooklyn-based indie rock band Nervous Dater started playing together in late 2014, and self-released two EPs in the early years, Self-titled (2015) and A Hundred Beers (2016), followed by their first full-length record, Don’t Be A Stranger, on Counter Intuitive Records in the fall of 2017.

Now the band present their second full-length record, Call In The Mess, once again via Counter Intuitive Records. Vocalist/guitarist Rachel Lightner, bassist/vocalist Kevin Cunningham, and drummer/vocalist/percussionist Andrew Goetz recorded Call In The Mess between May and December 2019 at Lorenzo Wolff’s Restoration Studios in Brooklyn. Rather than taking extended time off from their jobs, the band members would stop in to chip away at parts with Wolff on weekends and after work. Additional guitar tracking was completed by collaborators Nick McGowan-Filippi and Zach Fischer.

Writing for the record is split between the three, which gives Nervous Dater its greatest strength: it isn’t a single person’s manifesto, but the product of three perspectives and lived experiences combined to create something better than their surroundings.

Neon Green /100

Blue & Purple Cornetto /200

Half Blue Half Purple /300


Neon Green

Blue & Purple Cornetto

Half Blue Half Purple